Featured Brands

Jamis Bikes

Jamis bicycles new 3VO suspension. Link to Jamis Bikes.

There is an alarming trend in the cycling industry. Every year we see prices rise while value is compromised. Enter Jamis bicycles. Absolutely the best value in cycling, currently. They have bikes across the full range of categories built with the same quality as other brands but at a better value. Check the specs against anything out there and you will come to the same conclusion we did.

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Surly Lowside with Sunrise bars. Link to Surly Bikes.

Surly bikes is one of those companies that keep producing bikes you never knew you needed. Once you see what they have to offer there is always something you can see taking home with you. While inventory is limited, this all steel line of bicycles are well worth the wait. Each bike is purpose built to be versatile and adaptable making each Surly as unique as those that own them. 

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Binary Bikes

Binary Bikes Arizona Trail Endorsement Logo. Link to Binary Bicycles.

Who is Binary Bicycles? Chances are you haven't heard of them. If not, you will. Local to Casa Grande, Binary is a unique company that has bikes built to order. Instead of hard set geometries and features, you have options here to purchase a custom hand built bike at major manufacturer pricing. See what's possible by visiting their site or come by the shop to talk about it. 

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Nirve Bikes

Nirve vintage series cruisers at the beach. Link to Nirve bicycles.

There’s nothing more relaxing or restoring than a casual bike ride at the park. Pedaling along at an easy pace is a nod to the slowed-down speed of life at the shore. Nirve bikes are not only easy to pedal, super comfortable and way fun to ride, they are absolutely stunning to look at. Add key accessories to truly make your Nirve your own. Come into the shop and talk to us about what type of Nirve will work for you.

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Serfas in Payson, AZ. Link to Serfas website.

Serfas is a local Arizona company that produces almost every accessory you can think of. Lights, saddles, bags, tires, tubes, bottle cages, mirrors, pumps, shoes and more can be found here at Round Trip. The best products at the best value is our mantra here and Serfas is a brand that fits that mold to a tee. If you haven't heard of them before check out their amazing quantity of items offered by this company.

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Sun Bicycles

Sun Traditional adult trike in blue. Link to Sun Bicycles.

Looking for something a little different from your traditional bicycle? Sun Bicycles is the company you're looking for. While they have a full line of beach cruisers, comfort, electric, and fat bikes, Sun also makes adult tricycles, recumbents and bikes for individuals with limited mobility. We have customer that have used these bikes like SUV's for years without any major issues or problems.

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Pivot Cycles

Pivot Switchblade in Sedona, AZ. Link to Pivot.

Pivot is a local Phoenix company that manufacturers top of the line, state of the art, bicycles. We love Pivot because they follow some of the same ideals we do by supporting the local cycling community like we do. They are also the title sponsor of the AICL.  A local company that makes amazing bikes and is dedicated to the community is a brand we can stand behind. Click to find out more.

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Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives gloves, helmets, and body armor. Link to Kali Protectives.

Kali is one of those companies that was started out of a pure passion for cycling and the need for better advancements in rider protection. Stemming from an already successful aerospace company Kali isn't in this just for the money. With an unprecedented Lifetime Crash Replacement warranty and unique materials use, they are trendsetters in an industry that tends to stagnate with the status quo.

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KHS Bicycles

KHS Flagstaff 29 Inch bike in Sedona, AZ.

KHS is one of those brands not many are familiar with. With a bike from every category including the , KHS is sure to have something for every riding style and every budget. All of this is done without compromising quality or technological advancement. Based out of Southern CA, KHS has done an amazing job of building quality bikes without the high price.

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Free Agent BMX

Free Agent BMX race bike at the track. Link to Free Agent.

Free Agent BMX, a division of KHS Bicycles Inc. manufactures full lines of both freestyle and race BMX bicycles. With the Street, Park, Trail and Youth series Free Agent has a bike for any rider– beginner to pro. On the race side, Free Agent offers a complete Team line from Micro to Limo, as well as a BMX-Race Series for riders of every level. Quality, affordability, and value are why we carry Free Agent Bikes.

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Eastern Bikes BMX

Eastern BMX rider at the bike park. Link to Eastern.

Eastern bikes has been a leading innovator of BMX bike design since 1996. With a like minded goal to get more kids outside and riding, Eastern has a line of bikes that are spec'd with amazing features at an amazing price. Eastern is proof that quality doesn't have to cost a fortune. Industry leading innovations found on many other brands, a bike from Eastern is sure to provide you with a great ride at a great value.

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Trailmate Bicycles

Trailmate Joyrider 24 inch with black tractor seat. Link to Trailmate.

Trailmate Bicycles has been manufacturing bicycles for over forty years.  All of Trailmates products are manufactured in the USA. Mostly known for their adult tricycles, military and industry put their faith in Trailmates products. Trailmate's special needs and adaptive tricycles have opened the world of riding to many who have never experienced cycling before or need something to keep them active and moving.

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