Matt is the owner of Round Trip Bike Shop since 2008. He has been seriously into bikes since he was young and got serious in the late 80's with his first mountain bike purchase, a Huffy Cherokee 3. Little did he know that purchasing that bike would be the gateway to a life and career in cycling. What he also didn't know at the time was that that same department store bike was going to teach him a lot about repairs. Since those early days Matt has gained a volume of knowledge working in the industry in every way one could.

Matt rides mostly on the mountain bike. He loves to ride anything and can easily be convinced to ride or try anything once. His other interests are computers (anything electronic actually), web development, photography, and his most important work, his family.

Current Bikes:

Specialized Epic Comp - "Heavily modified and improved"
Transition Trans Am - "All steel 29 inch hard tail All-Mountain fun.
Surly Pugsly Neck Romancer - "Finally a bike big enough to make me look normal"
Felt X-City 1 - "About as 'roadie' as I get right now"
KHS Solo ST - "Old school single speed steal is real"